We hope you all enjoyed 2017 with WAFTA!

WAFTA wishes all it’s members and friends a fabulous Christmas and a very Fibre and Textile filled happy New Year 2018!

If you weren’t able to join us for our last meeting, do stop a while and watch the First Monday in May trailer below… DVDs are known to be available in various online retailers worldwide!  A copy of the DVD will be available for members to borrow from the WAFTA Library.

Happy Christmas!

Watch The First Monday in May Trailer

Who we are

The Western Australian Fibre and Textile Association (WAFTA) was founded in 1995 and is a dynamic and progressive group with passion, enthusiasm and talent that reflects the growing interest and appreciation of textile and fibre art within the community.

WAFTA’s members include both established and emerging artists who between them employ a diverse range and combination of fibre and textile processes incorporating combinations of traditional, contemporary and experimental techniques. There is also an increasing crossover of textiles and other mediums, with glass, digital print, digital projection, ceramics, metal and the natural environment – to name but a few.

WAFTA’s objectives include increasing the understanding of the potential of fibre and textiles through exhibition, whilst encouraging the highest standard of design and craftsmanship.

What our members say

“Love the friendly vibe, website & Facebook updates.  Great workshops being offered.. too.”  Caitlin Stewart, WAFTA Member

“WAFTA is an excellent and always improving organization, striving for inclusiveness and professionalism” Peggy Lyon, WAFTA Member

“You all seem to be improving the WAFTA membership experience… :)” Liz Arnold, WAFTA member