Hanging by a Thread 2020 - Conditions of Entry

February 23, 2020

Hanging by a Thread
WAFTA 2020 Members’ Exhibition

Holmes á Court Gallery@no.10

September 17 – 27, 2020


The WAFTA Management Committee is delighted to invite you to participate in the 2020 Members’ Exhibition at the Holmes á Court Gallery@no.10, 10 Douglas Street West Perth.

Our aim is to promote the diversity of textile art practices in Western Australia.  All WAFTA Members are encouraged to enter and showcase Western Australian fibre and textile art.  The exhibition theme Hanging by a Thread challenges artists to interpret the relationship of humanity to its environment and where we find ourselves entering the 2020 decade.  Your artwork should consider sustainable techniques and materials.


 08.01.2020                               Online applications open  

14.03.2020                               Deadline to submit online Art work Submission Form and pay Entry Fee

30.06.2020                               Promotion images submitted – details to follow

11.09.2020                                Artworks to be submitted to WAFTA –10.00AM – 2:00PM

16.09.2020                                Exhibition Opening

17.9.2020 – 27.09.2020           Hanging by a Thread WAFTA Members Exhibition duration

29.09.2020                               Collection of ArtWorks from WAFTA – 2:00PM – 4:00PM



Entry requirements

1.           Entrants must be financial members of WAFTA, at application and during the exhibition.

2.          The entry process is through the ‘Hanging by a Thread’ Exhibition page on the WAFTA website at wafta.com.au. Paper applications will not be accepted.

Artists may submit a multiple number of works. Diptych or triptych works or a series that will be displayed as one work, and are to be sold together, are considered to be one work and require only one application form.

If they are to be sold separately, they are considered to be separate works and will require separate application forms.

3.          The entry fee is $70 for one work, $90 for two works, and $110 for three works.

4.          Entries and entry payments must be received before midnight 14.03.2020.

5.          Artworks must be the artist’s original design and creation. On application, the artist warrants their entry is original, is the property of the artist and does not infringe any third-party rights.

6.          On application, the artist permits, without fee, the reproduction of images and information pertaining to the artist and their artwork.  Images and information may be used in the exhibition catalogue, on websites, publicity and associated publications (electronic or otherwise) relating to WAFTA.

7.          Entries must be new work, made in the twelve (12) months prior to the exhibition.


Textile art requirements

8.          The work must have a textile component. Consider both the material and the methods of holding the chosen materials together. For example, metal could be used,providing it is shaped, joined or welded using a traditional textile technique, such as looping, weaving.

9.          Artists should address the exhibition title, “Hanging by a Thread”, and aim to produce sustainable artwork. Where possible, artists are encouraged to use ‘stashed’ and recycled materials, and natural fibres and treatments.

10.        In order to achieve a cohesive exhibition aesthetic, artists are encouraged to work with natural tones, and use a muted colour palette for the greater part of their work.

11.         Artwork will be displayed hanging or suspended from trusses, as floor work, on plinths, and suspended proud of display walls.

By 30.06.2020,artists will be asked to submit a short artist’s statement (100 words or less) and a short description of their creative process (75 words or less).  This must include a title, the medium used, year, dimensions and an asking price, if the work is for sale. At that time, artists should indicate how they would prefer their work to be displayed (using photos, notes or diagrams), while accepting that their preferred option may not be realised.

There will also be a call out for artwork to feature in the catalogue. Artists will be asked to submit photos of their work. Shortlisted work will be professionally photographed, and then the final images will be chosen for the catalogue.  The Curator is responsible for the initial selection and the final choice of works for the catalogue, and all decisions about the exhibition hang.

 12.        To achieve a practical hang and a consistent aesthetic, artists are asked to work within the following dimensions:

A.  Hanging work:

- For 2D - 3 metres long x 50 cm – 75 cm wide, and weighing less than 5 kgs. These works will be hung vertically from the shortest side, so artists are asked to make a 10cm pocket along one short edge to facilitate hanging. Both sides of these works will be visible. Please note: WAFTA strongly encourages entries in this category;

- For 3D - 3 meters maximum height, width and depth dimensions variable, and weighing less than 5 kgs.  Artists are asked to include a point on the work from which it can be hung.

B.  Plinth work: Artist should work to a plinth size 40 cm x 40 cm, and the final work should be less than 2 metres in height from the plinth top.

C.  Floor work: Work should be less than 1 metre square at the base, and no more than 3 metres in height.

D.  Suspended Proud to the Wall work: To maximum width of 2 metres and a maximum length of 1.2 metres, and weighing less than 5 kgs.


Artwork delivery and collection

13.        Artworks should be delivered to Alexander Park Craft House (APCH), Clyde Road, Menora WA 6050 between 10.00AM and 2.00PM Friday 11.9.2020, except for very fragile,large and heavy works which shall be delivered directly to Holmes  Court Gallery@no.10, 10 Douglas Street West Perth at 10.00 am on Monday, 14.09.2020.

14.       WAFTA will provide insurance of works, to the value of the artist’s stated selling price, up to a limited liability of $2,500. Additional insurance for works valued over $2,500 will be the responsibility of the artist.

15.        Artworks are to be collected from Holmes á Court Gallery@no.10, 10 Douglas Street West Perth between 2.00PM – 4.00PM Monday 29.09.2020.

16.        Collection of art work shall be the responsibility of the artist.  Uncollected works will be disposed of, at the discretion of WAFTA, 30 days after a reminder notification is sent to the artist, via the contact details they provided in the online entry.

17.        All inquiries regarding these Conditions of Entry shall be referred to the WAFTA at info@wafta.com.au.


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