Henderson Environment Centre Workshop - Found Collected Dyed Stitched! 3 days with popular textile artist Aukje Boonstra

August 8, 2018

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During this relaxing retreat style 3 day workshop, we will be exploring the found and collected objects we all seem to gather from time to time. We will look into what we can do with our treasures. Found objects can include shells, bits of driftwood, pieces of crockery, buttons, rusty iron, copper bits, feathers and much more. Our found and collected objects may have stories we would like to share.

Eco dyeing fits into this theme, as the vegetation we dye with is most of the time found, collected and stored, such as windfalls in parks and bush and seaweed on the beaches, plants grown in our gardens and scraps saved in our kitchens.

We'll explore ways of attaching found objects onto cloth or onto a piece of clothing as well embroidery stitches. The end results of this workshop could be an embellished cloth or a garment, a gathering bag, a soft sculpture, a book cover, pages to make a book or a wall piece, just to name a few.

During the workshop there will be opportunities to read short stories and poems, write, draw and even meditate!

The pace will be gentle, the focus on feeling content and relaxed in a peaceful environment.

Aukje Boonstra is a textile artist and tutor from Tasmania.  Learn more about Aukje and her work here or on Facebook.

A materials list will be provided after registration.

Morning and afternoon tea will be provided, attendees will need to provide own lunches

This workshop is open to all WAFTA members. If you are not yet a member please join here and click 'Join'. As soon as you have joined you are invited to come back and sign up - don't delay... this is proving popular!!

Aukje Boonstra, artist and tutor
Henderson Environmental Centre.... it's in here somewhere ;)

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