Members' Meeting August

August 17, 2019

Our Members’ Meeting will be onTuesday, August 20, and our speaker will be Georgi Ivers, daughter of WAFTA member Iris Whitelock. Georgi will be talking about videos!

"Making your own videos can seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, video making has never been more accessible!

"In my talk on August 20th, I'll show you how easy (and affordable!) it can be to make high quality social media videos of your own art, with things you find around the house - a phone, a sunny day, a paper cup, a bed sheet, fairy lights, al-foil... and some knowledge of best practices!

"In my workshop in October, we'll work through the process together - setting up, recording, editing using your phone, and some extra techniques to make your video vibrant and visually interesting. By the end of the workshop, you will have some practical experience, and hopefully a video to get started with!"

Georgi Ivers is a multimedia artist, director and storyteller. She aims to "make work that utilises the unique powers of video, theatre and other mediums - to craft impactful and emotive stories... read more

image: Georgi Ivers 

WAFTA Scholarship Award winners, Liz Arnold and Jan Holland, will share their experiences at Fibres West 2019. Come and hear how the workshops enriched their creative practice and perhaps inspire you to apply for the award in 2021!

If you went to Fibres West (this year or any year!) bring along some of the things you created for an informal Show and Share over supper.  There have been some amazing workshops and fabulous works and samples made... bring them back out into the light!  We so want to see what you did!  
There will also be some Fibres West Calendars available for sale at $15 each.

Open Forum: Because the Committee values your input, it will be a great opportunity to talk about the where, how and why questions, that will determine WAFTA's ongoing impact. We will be devoting time after the speakers, to a hearty discussion for the benefit of all.

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