New Workshop for 2019!

January 6, 2019
A brand new workshop for 2019 with Thelma Cluning!

Combining her visual arts classroom experience with personal arts practice, Thelma will explore new approaches to both analytical and expressive drawing, and 'drawing for stitch'.

The workshop will include practical drawing experiences, advice on technique and analysis of subject, and design development in textile practice.

Whether you are an intermediate or competent drawer (or sketcher, scribbler, mark maker...!), if you like exploring drawing as a tool for generating ideas, happy to move beyond the traditional to the fanciful in mark making, then this is the drawing workshop for you.

This will be a fun and sociable environment to develop skills, improve visual awareness and provide resources to apply to your own textiles practice.

If you have friends or family who would also be interested, please do introduce them to WAFTA - why not buy them a membership and workshop as a New Year gift to start their creative year?


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