twentyFive+ Exhibition FAQ

March 27, 2022

We are starting to receive some very interesting questions to which we thought you might be interested in learning the answers! All entrants are granted access to our private twentyFive+ crossover exhibition group, however for those who don't use facebook we will post Q&As here as part of this FAQ.

Q: Please can you explain what is meant by ‘purity of design’?

A: A ‘purity of design’ is to create a clear concept or idea and your choice of materials and textile techniques express that concept.  We are looking for a resolved artwork.

Q: Can you please explain more of what you mean by cross-fertilisation? The description here “sympathetic fusion of other mediums” is different to the description in the newsletter which is about techniques? The newsletter also says up to 3 techniques may be used, including just one - how is that then cross-fertilisation? Pip Rundle.

A: The idea of cross fertilisation evolved to encourage our existing members to both explore and potentially include different mediums and techniques into their already established artistic practice.

Cross fertilisation can also include concepts and mixing ideas from different people, places and culture. In essence we are encouraging members to stretch themselves and be more adventurous and to feel supported in their explorations. 

There is no limit to the number of materials one may use however we have limited the techniques to a maximum of three. We believe this will challenge artists to create refined artworks. 

Do you have a specific idea or artwork you are thinking of creating? If so, and you would like to run it passed an exhibition committee member for further clarification we would be happy to answer. 

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