twentyone+ WAFTA 21st Anniversary juried exhibition

March 2, 2020
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Founded in 1995, the Western Australian Fibre and Textile Association (WAFTA), is a dynamic and progressive organisation whose members include both established and emerging artists and therefore represents a diverse range of experiences, needs and artistic practices. Within the membership there is also an increasing crossover between textiles and other mediums – from glass, digital print, digital projection, ceramics and metal through to ephemeral landscape works.

The exhibition brief to the WAFTA community, and more broadly to fibre and textile artists Australia-wide, was to enter work which considered and explored the emotionally evocative, tactile, sculptural and sensory qualities of fibre and textiles.

Artists were encouraged to push their practice and expand their engagement with the material, aesthetic and conceptual qualities of fibres and textiles, whilst employing high standards of design and craftsmanship. A sympathetic fusion of textiles and other mediums was also encouraged.

The twenty-two artworks selected by the jury explore the brief in diverse ways. Between them, the artists employ a vast array of processes incorporating a combination of traditional, contemporary and experimental techniques or applications reflecting the growing interest and appreciation of textile and fibre art within the broader artistic community.

Full details of the Exhibition and all artists can be read here twentyOne+

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