July 11, 2021

The 2021 WAFTA AGM was held online for the first time on Wednesday 30th June at 7.30pm  

Committee and Financial Reports can be found at the links below along with the Minutes of the AGM which have been lodged as required with the Government Department. You will be leaving Sway when you click on the links which go to the WAFTA SharePoint site.


Committee Reports

Financial Report

AGM Minutes

There were spaces not filled on the Committee at the time of the AGM. Permission was sought and received to go ahead with the plans for the balance of the year while actively seeking to fill the positions.

Only one nominee for each position for Officers and General Committee members had been received and they met the criteria, the nominations were accepted, and the new Members introduced at AGM.

Here is your new WAFTA committee:

Janet Rowe / Treasurer

Deidre Robb / Membership Chair

Emma Seaton / Secretary & IT

Philomena Hali / General Member

Lorelie Smit / General Member

NEWS FLASH!  Since the AGM the new committee has received and voted to accept nominations from

Diane Binns / Chairperson

Pip Hoy / Deputy Chairperson.

Your new Committee will be meeting Tuesday, July 13th online and will continue with the program in place for the remainder of the year.  Click on the names in the grid to learn a little about each committee member!

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