A WAFTA member runs workshops in Eco Fashion Week Australia - Not Just High Fashion - by Marie Mitchell

June 12, 2018

23 - 27 November, 2017, Eco Fashion Week Australia (EFWA)

This event is not just about high fashion, it’s about giving back and involving the community in sustainable activities! There are a number of events to be held in conjunction with it throughout Perth. *EFWA Eco Fashion Runway show (Victoria Hall, Fremantle)– not just a fashion show, but a performance featuring music, dance, audience makeovers and much more….(tickets available online, $15 from each ticket purchased donated to Sea Shepherd Australia and Rainforest Rescue) *EFWA Textile Art Exhibition (Victoria Hall, Fremantle) – solo show of selected works from ‘Deforestation Series’ by Marie Mitchell, viewing in the bar area during Eco Fashion Runway show. *EFWA Eco Seminar, Disposable Planet (Curtin University) – free event, register online, 25 November *EFWA Eco Workshops – How To? (Taylors Art and Coffee House) – free event, register online – recycling, upcycling and sustainable skills workshops 23 – 26 November (Marie Mitchell is offering 2 workshops as are other volunteers artists and designers) *EFWA Designer Pop UP Shop (Reloved RSPCA Shop, 177 High Street, Fremantle) – fashion designer runway samples will be sold from 20th – 28th November, to raise funds for RSPCA WA https://www.weekendnotes.com/eco-fashion-week-australia/http://www.ecofashionweekaustralia.com/

Photos from EFWA Textile Art Exhibition courtesy of David Mitchell by Marie Mitchell

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