Complex Cloth


Discover textile artist Jane Dunnewold's secrets to creating visual complexity and depth in fabric. In this comprehensive guide, Jane explains her system of layering simple processes to produce intriguing, one-of-a-kind surface designs. Experiment with fiber-reactive dyes, household bleach, fabric paints, water-based resists, photocopy transfers, foiling, silk screening, stenciling, stamping, embroidery, and beading Dozens of full-color photographs of fabric, quilts, and clothing provide a sampling of Jane's incredible work Includes detailed instructions for applications, processes, and embellishments, plus tips for organizing work space and finding the right supplies. Review Issue 156, Jan 07 Although this title has been around for a while, with the increasing interest in Art Quilts and use of mixed media techniques in quilt making, it is worth revisiting. Complex cloth is defined as white fabric which is altered by dyeing, painting, bleaching and foiling. The author is invironmentally aware, she recommends reusing containers and claims to use only safe products. There are constant reminders on safety and using materials with care. All the procedures can be done at home. She starts by testing the fabric's contents, even taking measures to test fabric samples before buying them, discreetly outside the shop. She explains how t make one's own stamps, stencils and screens for silk printing with clear instructions and photographs. She uses instant potato as a resist as well as more sophisticated techniques. Dyeing, painting and discharging with bleach are illustrated with examples of her work. This is a comprehensive well-written guide, a good introduction to creating unique fabric but it is unfortunate that only US suppliers are listed although email addresses are given. * Patchwork & Quilting * About the Author Biography Jane is an artist, teacher, and the author of "Art Cloth: A Guide to Surface Design on Fabric" (Interweave 2010) and several other self-published books. "Complex Cloth" (1996) is considered a classic in the field of surface design. Jane teaches and lectures internationally, and maintains working/classroom studios in San Antonio, Texas. Her work has won numerous awards and she is the former President of the Surface Design Association. Her passions include the psychology of artistry and meaning. She is especially interested in "writing and making" as integral aspects of the creative process - and those "cross training" experiences led to her theories of "creative strength training" - strategies to cultivate creative stamina. Everything Jane teaches and does is filtered through a deep connection to the energetic, spiritual aspects of human experience. She believes each of us has an inner "creative." Making things - whether it's cooking or painting a room, or dyeing cloth - is supremely satisfying. In the process of creating we are linking to every generation of makers before us and reaching for the Divine at the same time. It's a gift and a pleasure everyone should experience! And can.



Jane Dunnewold






ISBN 1564771490




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