Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting


This book looks at a group of artists and sculptors who use the techniques of knitting and the concepts of lacemaking to produce works that take the form of freestanding sculptures, architectural interventions, sound & video works and performance art Includes an index of artists and exhibited works Published in association with the Museum of Arts and Design, New York 156p English Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting presents an array of works that reflect the energy, vitality and innovation demonstrated by a diverse group of contemporary artists who apply traditional knitting and lacemaking techniques to unusual materials, or new techniques and technologies to traditional materials. The works brought together here are by artists from many different countries. Individually these works speak to the pervasive and persuasive cultural, social, and political issues with which art intersects today. The role of hand work as a symbol of community and communication is highlighted in many of these pieces, and the artist's personal commitment to collaborative experiments is the focus of others. The works are also barometers of change in the visual arts of our time, signaling the dissolving of the categories of art, craft and design that have fragmented the world of aesthetic and functional objects for more than a century. David Revere McFadden is the Chief Curator at the Museum of Arts & Design, New York.



Museum of Arts & Design - David Revere McFadden with Jennifer Scanlan, Jennifer Steifle Edwards






ISBN 851495681




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