Stitches: New Approaches


Forty different hand-embroidery stitches, plus a host of creative ideas for using them, generate a range of amazing textures that will delight anyone who enjoys needlework. In what will clearly become a classic of the craft, Jan Beaney analyzes in detail the eye-catching effects that an embroiderer can achieve through the use of different background fabrics, unusual threads, and various needles. She asks questions such as “Can the stitch be worked in circles?” and “Can it be worked upside down?” and illustrates some of the possible answers. All the orthodox methods of working a canvas are discarded; unique, original techniques reign, and the colorful photos show the wonderful results. Review '...opens one's eyes to the great scope in approaching stitchery..." - Constance Howard '...a standard reference work for all serious students of embroidery' - Audrey Walker, Head of the Textile Department, Goldsmith's College About the Author At art college Jan Beaney discovered an enthusiasm for stitching which led her to study and later teach embroidery. She has been involved in the world of embroidery for over 30 years as a designer, tuor and author. She teaches extensively around the world and is a member of the prestigious 62 group. She presented the successful BBC TV series, Embroidery and is co-author with Jean Littlejohn of A Complete Guide to Creative Embroidery and Stitch Magic, both published by Batsford and regularly reprinted. (Amazon)



Jan Beaney






ISBN 0713488875




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