1.         Entry is open to members of WAFTA Inc. Entrants must be financial members of WAFTA at the time of submitting their entry and during the exhibition.

2.         The entry process is through the ReGEN Exhibition page on the WAFTA website at Paper applications will not be accepted. 

3.         Artworks must be the original, unassisted work of the person(s) whose name(s) appear on the entry form. On application, the artist warrants their entry is original, is the property of the artist and does not infringe any third-party rights.

4.         Each WAFTA member can submit one entry, either as a solo artist or as part of a collaborative entry. Collaborative works are welcome; in which case the entrants agree to share the one-entry guideline and forfeit the right to submit another entry. All collaborators must be financial members of WAFTA, all names must be listed on the entry form, and the entered work is considered as one (1) entry.

5.         A one-off fee of $65 is payable per entry, at the time of submitting your entry. This fee is a contribution towards hire of the venue, promotional materials, exhibition overheads, and on-line catalogue design. The entry fee is non-refundable.

6.         Entries close on July 1, 2024. Late entries will not be accepted.

7.         During the exhibition, the gallery will be staffed by WAFTA. It is the expectation that exhibitors will partake in a gallery sitting roster unless distance prevails. A roster booking form will be provided by July 1, 2024.

8.         There is an expectation that entrants will participate in the promotion of the exhibition, via their networks and social media platforms. Logos, online flyer, and press release details will be available from July 15, 2024.

9.         It is requested that works are not posted in their entirety in on-line platforms prior to the opening of the exhibition.

10.       Entrants give permission for photos of the works for exhibition to be used by WAFTA Inc. free of charge within the catalogue as well as for press & promotional purposes by WAFTA Inc. and MBAS, both for the ReGEN exhibition and for future promotion of WAFTA Inc. which may take form in online or hard copy promotion, including signage.



11.       Work must have been completed after 1 January 2023.

12.       Members are asked to submit work that clearly engages the theme. Work previously shown in Western Australia is ineligible.

13.       Work made under the direction of another person, such as in a workshop or course, is not eligible.

14.       The work must consist predominantly of materials that fall within the textiles and fibre art discipline, and/or be constructed using textile-making techniques.

15.       Dimensions & Weight Specifications:

            Wall-based works (2D or 3D): width must not exceed 80cm, height must not exceed 200cm, depth is to be within 30cm, total weight must not exceed 5kgs.

            Free-hanging works (2D): these works will be hung from ceiling beams and both sides will be visible (unlike wall-based works): width must not exceed 80cm, height must not exceed 200cm, total weight must not exceed 5kgs.

            3D works on plinth: the work must be contained within a square 50 x 50cm, height up to 100cm.

3D works on floor or hanging: the combined length and width (i.e. perimeter) of the work must not exceed 200 cm (e.g. 50 x 50cm, 60 x 40cm), height must not exceed 300cm at the highest point, total weight must not exceed 5kgs.

16.       An entry can consist of multiple elements, which can be offered for individual sale, however, the combined elements must fit within the dimensions and weight specified.

17.       The Moores Gallery space is heritage protected, and no artworks (or segments thereof) can be affixed directly to the walls in any way; nails, screws, or adhesives can be used to attach a work to the wall. Drop-lines will be used throughout for wall-based works.

18.       All entries must be delivered ready to hang / display. Installation method must be an integral part of the work, e.g. rod with D-rings and sleeve. If in doubt about the best installation method for your work, please consult the exhibition committee.

19.       All entries must be available for the duration of the exhibition.

20.       We strongly encourage works to be for sale, but this is not a condition of entry. The WAFTA commission on any sales is 25%.



21.       Entries open on March 1, 2024. The entry process is through the ReGEN Exhibition page on the WAFTA website at Paper applications will not be accepted. Entries close July 1, 2024. Late entries will not be accepted.

22.       High resolution photographs at 300dpi, artist statement, full caption details (title, materials, dimensions, photo credit, and year) must accompany your entry form (see detail below).

23.       Entrants must submit a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 images of their entry. These images must include:

  • A full image of the work in its entirety, with edges/borders included.
  • A detailed image of a small section of the work
  • Images must be of completed work and not work in progress.
  • The work should appear as you wish it to be reproduced in the catalogue and other media.
  • Images must be in JPG format. File size should be minimum of 3 MB and maximum of 6 MB per image.
  • Title your image files with your first initial, your last name and the word “full” or “detail”. For example, ASmithFull and ASmithDetail. If submitting more than one detail image, list it as (for example) ASmithDetail1, ASmithDetail2.
  • Do not add your name, watermark, or any other text to the image itself.
  • Do not crop, enhance, or alter the original images.

24.       Quality photography will ensure your work is seen at its best for inclusion in the exhibition catalogue. Should you require help, a General Art Photographer’s Guide, including listing of Perth-based and regional photographers can be accessed via our Photography guide or a printable PDF can be found below.

25.       All entries must be accompanied by an Artist Statement of no more than 60 words, and a description of Materials and Techniques of no more than 30 words. Please ensure accuracy and grammatical correctness and check for typos before submitting your entry form.

26.       Full caption details must also be provided at the time of entry. Title, year, dimensions, photo credit.

27.       At the time of entry, artists are asked to indicate on the entry form how they would prefer their work to be displayed (via photos, notes, or diagrams), while accepting that their preferred option may not be realised.



28.       Each participating artist is responsible for organising delivery of work by August 10, to Tresillian Arts Centre, Nedlands, or one of our regional delivery points (details and times TBC). Fragile, large and heavy works to be delivered directly to Moores Building Art Space between 9am and 10am on Thursday August 15 2024.

29.       Works can also be posted to us, to be received no later than August 10, via registered post and with prior notification.

30.       Artists are requested to pay for any costs associated with delivery of their work. WAFTA Inc. will provide assistance for the return of the artworks to regional members (if unsold) after the close of the exhibition (some restrictions on available freight funds may apply for heavy/large works).

31.       WAFTA will not be responsible for any damage or loss incurred to any artwork in transit to and from the Gallery. Transit insurance is the responsibility and at the cost of the artist. WAFTA will provide insurance for works for the duration of the exhibition.

32.       The WAFTA Exhibition Committee will install and deinstall the exhibition, ably assisted by Fremantle Arts Centre/Moores Building Art Space staff and professional assistance.

33.       Artworks are to be collected from Moores Building Art Space between 4.00-5.00pm on Sunday September 1, or between 10.00am – 1.00pm Monday September 2, 2024. Collection of artwork shall be the responsibility of the artist unless by prior arrangement. Uncollected works will be disposed of, at the discretion of WAFTA, 30 days after a reminder notification is sent to the artist, via the contact details they provided in the online entry.


For all enquiries regarding these Guidelines and Conditions of Entry, please contact us at and we will respond as soon as we can.