The Team

Diane Binns


I’ve been a maker all my life.  Textiles as an artform really didn’t take shape until I learnt to weave in Thailand where I was living.  On returning to Perth I joined Wafta in 2012.  I continue to enjoy the ‘process’ of making and pushing techniques.  I would love to work on a big scale but it’s still small steps at this stage. I’m exploring the stories of my family tree to understand my own identity.

Deidre Robb

Membership Chair

I’m a life-long maker and emerging artist originally from New Zealand and have been living in Mandurah for eleven years. I love working with found and imperfect materials and reinterpreting traditional textile and needlework techniques in contemporary ways.

My artwork explores themes of identity, home and belonging and the environmental issues impacting on the places we live.

Janet Rowe


I grew up in South Africa in a very creative environment. My mother was an art teacher teaching at home. I started working with fabrics at a very young age. Sewing my own clothes and then started making quilts. I moved to Australia in 1993 and continued creating quilts using materials that I hand dyed. I love creating quilts, playing with textures, interesting colours and not stick to quilt patterns. I really enjoy crazy patching. Painting with fabrics. I joined WAFTA 8 years ago and have enjoyed many workshops and entered pieces in 2 exhibitions.

Emma Seaton


I grew up in the UK and moved to Perth in 2010 for work and to get away from the cold!  By day I am immersed in the railway signalling technology environment, but enjoy being a maker in my time off!

I am inspired by wild and unruly rebel stitching, unusual clothing, graffiti, pods and leaves, hand built ceramics, old industrial artefacts, the smell of eucalyptus, ancient citadels, and hand made bowls and baskets... for starters.

I mostly like to hand stitch, make clothes, and transform recycled fabrics with natural dyes and eco-prints.  I have found WAFTA to be a great place to meet people and learn new skills.

Lorelie Smit

General Member

I have been a member of Wafta for a number of years and always enjoyed monthly meetings, workshops and members exhibitions.  I moved from Perth to Busselton in 2017 to be nearer to family members.  Busselton is a great place to live with an amazing coastline and bush scenery and great coffee shops.

My interest is in sustainable fashion and I enjoy upcycling op shop finds to wear and producing clothing items for sale.   I also experiment with botanical printing on paper and natural dyeing and enjoy teaching workshops. I am currently getting ready to take part in Margaret River Region Open Studios for the first time this year. As a regional member of Wafta I am keen to provide a voice for fellow regional members largely thanks to online technology.

Philomena Hali

General Member

I have lived and worked in Alice Springs for over 31 years and moved to Perth in June 2018. I work primarily in textiles.  Anything to do with ‘the stitch’ excites me and drives me to create. I work intuitively. Creating is my life and sharing techniques fuels my passion for passing on knowledge.  I revel in the ‘process’ rather than the finished product. I use my own dyed and manipulated fabrics including shibori, indigo dyeing, bojagi, stitch and manipulation.

“I make because I love making – I rarely need a reason to be creative – it IS what I do”.