The Team

Diane Binns


Diane has been a Wafta Committee member since 2013 and Chairwoman for the past three years. She has taken on the role with ideas, energy and a determination to see it happen for Wafta and its members.

Her favourite book is written by Ari Seth Cohen called "Advanced Style - older and wiser" and her inspiration is Tao Porchon-Lynch, 97. 

Tao's credence: " Just knowing that there is nothing you cannot do, for you're not the doer, you're the instrument. You have the power inside to do everything you set your mind to!"  Wow and all done with great style.

Diane doesn't have a particular artist or genre that inspires her. Her inspirations come from across the arts whether they be a painter, glass blower, printer, sculptor, weaver or fashion. She can be inspired by colours, shapes, mood, textures, dance, music, landscapes and the shifting sea.

Emma Seaton


By day I am immersed in the rail technology environment, but return to my roots as a maker in time off.  I am interested in the natural world and the build environment and how the two can fit together.  I have been making things since I was a child when I made clothes for dolls and furniture for doll houses (not very well!) out of recycled materials.  I have always been a practical maker, needing a purpose to create, but more recently have started to consider the art in making.

Jo Franco


I’ve always been a “maker” – making clothes for myself and family. Like many of my generation I was taught by mother and grandmother to knit and sew the proper way. In later years I discovered rug making and again was taught the "proper" traditional way and became an accredited instructor. Then, I discovered WAFTA and am learning all over again – this time to break the rules and be creative. It’s enjoyable and inspiring to be on the committee in the company of such creative women.

Pip Rundle

Minutes Secretary

Pip creates whimsical 3D pieces, which give new life to discarded objects and weeds (either as fibre or hay). An illustrator in her past-life, she has always loved doing "crafts" and learning traditional techniques.   Her current favourite art book is 'The Fabric Works' by Louise Bourgeois.

Pauline White

Committee Member

Pauline graduated from Curtin University with BA Visual Arts, BA Fine Arts, BA Hons Visual Arts, MA Visual Arts. Since then she has been a lecturer at Curtin University in the Aboriginal Contemporary Art Course and in the BA Visual Arts Course.

She has also worked as a curator for the City of Stirling for 6 years, City of Bayswater for 2 years and in many schools and community centres. She taught at Central Tafe helping develop the Public Art course and curriculum for Aboriginal students.

Pauline collaborated with Charmaine Cole and were shortlisted for the Metrorail Esplanade Railway Station Public Art project and the Maylands foreshore Project in Perth and coordinated 7 Public Art projects in the Perth metro area (Beechboro, Leederville Youth HQ(3), Leederville TAFE, Banks Reserve and Bardon Park.

She also worked at being artist and coordinator on many community art projects in the Perth metro area and Bathurst Island the most recent being Swan Song at the WA museum in the Perth CBD. Pauline has been Artist-in-Residence at Karratha College, Tresillian Community Centre, Remida and many schools in the Perth CBD.

She also spent many years designing the stand for the Gascoyne region at the Perth Agricultural show. Pauline has had 4 solo exhibitions and participated in many group shows the most recent being Altered States with Wafta and Eco Echo with Fibrant in 2017.

Elsie Payne


Completed a national diploma in Fashion Design. Worked in the garment industry for 7 years. Tutored design, garment construction and pattern making for 5 years. Entered the New Zealand Benson and Hedges (so named at that time) twice and made it through to the Highlight parade. 

Have since dabbled in: Oil painted portraits, Pencil colour portraits, Acrylic painting. Water colour painting, Lino cut and other forms of printing, Quilt making, Hand and free hand machine embroidery, Doll making, Jewellery making, Polymer clay sculpting

I have also done a certificate IV in bookkeeping and currently run my own business with a few clients.