Without your valuable help WAFTA just cannot exist!! That’s the hard truth! 

We have lots of jobs to do and roles to fill. Some take more time than others, and we appreciate that. Some jobs are event specific, like helping to bump in an exhibition or assist the tutor in a workshop. Others are more involved, like being on a committe that organises an exhibition.

It's all great experience, and we can tell you hand on heart, it's all excellent fun. We are genuinely a very likeable bunch that get on well together. So be bold, take that step, and raise your hand.... plus it looks great on your artist or professional CV! ;) Just sayin'!

Current Situations Vacant:  

WAFTA Chairperson

In accordance with the Articles of Association, the position of Chair will become vacant from October 2018.  The Chair is a vital role on WAFTA's management committee to ensure it functions properly, that there is full participation during meetings, that all relevant matters are discussed and effective decisions are made and carried out.

The responsibilities of the Chair are to lead and plan committee and ad hoc meetings, develop the agenda with the secretary and  members of the committee and conduct the meetings.  

A good chair will be sensitive to the needs of the members, be objective, be able to delegate tactfully, be approachable and have an understanding of working with other volunteers.  Most importantly is a passion for fibre and textiles in all its forms and to encourage WAFTA members to reach their creative potential!

The Chair is what you make it, and the committee is a strong group of passionate and fun loving people who are devoted to the WAFTA cause!  We have had a great time over the past few years, with strong friendships and a great sense of achievement!

WAFTA Secretary
We are in need of a secretary for the management committee. The work is light and includes replying to and distributing emails; liaising with committee members and distributing agendas and minutes of meetings; generally maintaining the minutes, AGM, Articles of Association, and files which are held in a Microsoft OneDrive cloud location;  and supporting the Chair with meeting management and actions delegation.

WAFTA Talks Speaker Co-Ordinator
We need a co-ordinator to help us develop a programme of WAFTA Talks throughout the coming year.  This is an opportunity to make your mark by influencing and organising our annual program of speakers in liaison with the management committee.  This can be a role on or off committee to suit you, but will need to be involved in the planning meetings held twice a year.  It's helpful to be in the know about who's who in the art world, but not essential.  An ability to speak to and work with artists is essential.  You will be supported by the rest of the committee who always have lots of ideas!

Volunteer here!

Thank you! We appreciate your valuable time and will be in touch soon!

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