The Western Australian Fibre & Textile Association is an interdisciplinary textile and fibre arts collective for creatives who have a passion for innovation, craftsmanship, knowledge and networking with like-minded people.

WAFTA membership is open to anyone with an interest in fibre art and textiles. Our membership includes enthusiasts, artisans, educators and professional artists, ranging from beginners to experts in our respective field of practice.
Many of our members choose elementary textile-making techniques, such as stitching, weaving, felting and knitting, and a vast array of materials to design, develop and create innovative and contemporary works of art. The WAFTA membership is diverse; what we share is an interest to develop our creative practice, to be part of a supportive network, a curiosity to learn new skills, to promote fibre & textile art in the public domain, and the opportunity to showcase our work.  







Photography credits:


Alla Salem (2023) Burnt by the Sun, photography by artist

Trudi Pollard (2020) The threads that have held my life together

Jayne Argent (2022) Where do we record our history, photography by artist

Ruth Halbert (2020) The Forest | Skogen, photography by artist


Melanie McClou (2020), Reminiscent Topography, photography by Bo Wong

Margery Goodall (2020), Stitched Stories, photography by Bewley Shaylor

Jan Mullen (2020), Drifting in the Deep and Briny Blue, photography by Bewley Shaylor

Tania Spencer (2020), Seeing With New Eyes, The Time to Re-evaluate (Detail - panel 1), photography by Dan McCabe

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands upon which we live and work. We pay our respect to Elders past and present and emerging. We are inspired by the wisdom & gifts of the oldest living culture on Earth.